Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jackson's 7th Birthday Party

Jackson and his football cupcakes
Davis, Jackson and Gray

Jackson opening gifts

Davis and Jackson

Jackson opening CHOCOLATE!!

The crew

Landry, Kamri and Harrison

Jacob, Jackson and Gray

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is for you Jade

Christmas 2010
Jackson opening a new Wii game
Harrison wondering where to go next!
Gray with is new bike and helmet

Harrison checking out the Mobigo from Nana and Pops

Gray in his new Razorback jersey

Jackson looking at the games for his new DSI

Daddy reading the note to the boys that Santa left.

Christmas Eve at Gigi and Poppa's house

After seeing the basketball goal the boys proclaimed
"This is the best Christmas EVER"!!!!! They were too cute!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's crazy how different things are when you don't work. Actually, it's the craziness that's gone. There's no gettting home at 5 and rushing thru the night to get dinner ready, baths done, stories read, etc. The boys get out of school at 3:10, so if you want to be in the front of the line you have to get there early. We got in line about 2:35 yesterday...Harrison had to get up from his nap early again to go get them...I have got to start putting him down earlier. He was a good sport though, since we would be sitting in the line for so long I let him out of his seat and he danced to some Phineas and Ferb music! Here he is trying out the front seat.
Love this little boy. He can be so sweet and the next minute be gritting his teeth and going after one of his bubbies! The boys are so funny when I pick them up, they do NOT want to talk about their day, they say "maybe when we get home". I let them go in and watch TV for a while since they haven't all day. Yesterday we went outside after that and the boys started getting creative with their trucks and such. I had to run an errand, aka go get dinner, we are putting a new dishwasher in here in just a few minutes so we are trying not to dirty any more dishes than we have to. When I got back J and H were driving the Jeep that H got for his birthday, they were pulling Gray in a dump truck. This is our little engineer, Gray is always coming up with things like this to do...kinda scary sometimes but they have so much fun.
We had all these bandanas from Graysons birthday party and they tied them all together to connect the jeep and the dump truck. They tried the tricycle to the jeep first, that just kept falling over...they finally got to this and it worked! Eureka!
Chad is playing (is that the right word?) Fantasy Football this year for the first time and last night he left right before 7 to go to his "draft". The boys were pretty riled up and kept getting in trouble for jumping on each other and screaming...we were supposed to watch a movie so I kept threatening them with that. Shortly after 7 I got onto Harrison for jumping around in our recliner, I thought he was going to fall out on his head, he scared me to death so I spatted his leg and brought him over to the couch and made him sit by me. Well, it broke his heart that I spanked him and he kept trying to get up and I would not let him...Here's the scary part....I picked him up to hold him facing me so I could talk to him and he started to have a seizure, I knew because he had 2 of them over a year ago, I put him down on the floor and he stopped. B.R.E.A.T.H.I.N.G. It was the scariest 30 seconds of my life. I won't go into the details but it was chaos and to make it worse I had a 5 and 6 year old thinking their brother was dead...that's hard to type. As I was on the phone with 911, he came to and started crying...everyone was crying. As Jackson said when things settled down, "at least we got to see a firetruck and ambulance!" Yeah, that's how I wanted to get to see one...they assessed him and by that time he was fine. I'm going to take him to the clinic Monday morning for his pediatrician to see him and give him the once over but looking at him now you would never know anything happened. We watched our movie, ate popcorn, and did A LOT of cuddling! The boys are now playing Fireman with their badge stickers the firemen gave them. Guess I'll go get ready for the dishwasher installation, wish me luck!

Friday, August 20, 2010

School Days

Gone are the long summer days of going to the pool 3 times a week and staying up until 10...Yesterday was the big day, Grayson started Kindergarten!! Notice I didn't say Gray...he wants to be called Grayson at school! Jackson stayed up late the night before and when Chad asked him why he wasn't asleep he said "My eyes just won't close, I'm just so excited for Grayson to go to school"...such a sweet brother! The day started off great, he jumped right out of bed, didn't argue about eating breakfast so soon. He's one of those kids that normally likes to be up for like an hour before he eats...no time for that anymore. They all love chocolate gravy so that's what we had for breakfast yesterday. Teeth brushed, clothes on, backpack on...ready to go! Here are a few pictures.

Guess who's not a morning person?

This heartbreaking face lasted about 2 minutes until he got to his class.

My big boys!
Waiting in line to go in...

Standing in line waiting to go in the school.

So many parents park and walk their kids on the first day
that we had to park at the park by the school and walk.

They're bad, They're bad, and they know it!

All in all, the boys had a great first day of school. Jackson was disappointed to find out that they do a lot more work in 1st grade! Grayson had lots of fun and we can't wait to hear new stories from him every day...if he'll tell us! Harrison started asking me at about 10am this morning if it was time to go get his bubbies yet....obviously he's missing them already. I'm going to start him in TLC (the Little Church), mothers day out program on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting next week so he can have some interaction with kids his own age again and it will give me a chance to volunteer at school and maybe get to see the boys. Although you wouldn't know it by the pictures on the blog, they boys had a great summer. We got to swim often and they loved it. Jackson is jumping off diving boards and can swim to the end of the pool now. Grayson is still learning and will be doing it by the end of next summer...Harrison might be also! He will jump off the board to me and go under as long as I'm there to catch him. Kinda scary how brave he's gotten over the last few weeks but at least he's not scared of the water. Okay, so that's it for today...I plan on redeeming myself so no to be labeled "WORST BLOGGER EVER" anymore...Thanks Monica Smiley

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jackson and Gray have been going to Tiny Tim's on Wednesday nights at church, this is a program that runs from Sept-April and they learn about a book of the bible. Sunday was the program at church and since I forgot my camera I requested a few performances at home. Harrison had to give one himself also. This was after they had been playing for a while and their new favorite thing to do is dig in the dirt so they were quite dirty. Hope you enjoy the videos!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jackson's 6th Birthday

This is what a long weekend with no naps looks like Sunday evening.
Jackson, Jacob and Gray at their soccer games on Jackson's birthday.

Jackson, Kristin and Jacob at the party.

Kristin, Jackson, Kameron, Jacob and Grayson

The birthday boy!
We had Jackson's party at Hog Wild here in Russellville, it's our version of Chuck-E-Cheese. The kids had a great time and did not want to leave. If only we had known that Saturday was going to be in the 70's we would have planned an outside party! Jackson got a Wii for his birthday and has been having fun with it. We are only letting him play it at night before bed, it's been to pretty during the day to stay inside doing that. We finished Upward basketball and now are into soccer. Short season, we only have 4 more games to play and we are already starting t-ball practice. Chad was going to sit this sport out and not coach but has been talked into it, so he gets to coach Jackson and Gray! This will be Gray's first time playing t-ball and they are a little more gung-ho then we were in Fayetteville so we may have a few more tears when he gets tagged out! Looking forward to seeing how this goes. Will post more pictures as I get them!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All in the Family

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, there, I think we're all caught up!
We had some visitors staying with us for a few days this past week. My sister Tara any my niece Kamri crashed at our house for a few nights because their pipes were frozen at their house. Harrison and Kamri are only 2 months apart, they are in the same class at daycare and they love playing together. Aren't these 2 little blondies adorable, looking a little sleepy in this picture!
We made a trip to Alma on Saturday to see Mom Freda, HI MOM! She took a tumble the other night and got pretty banged up and Harrison had a bruise on his forehead also, see any resemblance?

Meet Sally, this is the "neigh" that Santa, AKA Nana, brought Harrison for Christmas, actually all of the boys have had fun riding her...there's just no nice way to say that, the boys are the ones that decided she was a girl.And then you've got the "Blues Brothers", Harrison and Gray posing for a random picture on Sunday. Harrison insisted on facing this way...couldn't face the bathroom, had to have it as the background. Nice.

So last night was the first of Jackson's basketball games, he's playing Upward Bound Basketball. Chad is coaching the team. I took lots of pictures but apparntly I need to learn how to take pictures again because they all look like this: Jackson is the hologram in the middle about to shoot the ball. Nice action shot mom!